Beef Jerky

Jalapeño Beef Jerky

A flavor profile attempted by many but achieved by few. With tasty hints of real jalapeños and a bit of heat to follow, this is one you can't resist! The perfect ratio of juicy flavor and flame in every bite!

Original Beef Jerky

Play it safe with Beef Coast Original. Plenty of flavor and far from boring. You can't go wrong with this Premium Beef Jerky!

Pepper Garlic Beef Jerky

A savory mixture of Garlic and Black Peppercorns. This delicious flavor duo will have you finishing the whole bag in one sitting. Don't want to share? We understand.

Ghost Malone Beef Jerky

Tremendous flavor with a surplus of flame. Made with real Ghost Chili Peppers that clock in at just over 1 Million on the Scoville scale. You'll be able to taste AND feel this extraordinary experience. Shoutout Posty!

At Beef Coast we strive to ensure that every bag of jerky gives you the most enjoyable and natural experience of any meat snack on the shelf. We're confident that you'll taste the difference from your very first piece.