Buffalo Cheddar Dip (6 oz.)

Our new dip with a kick! We mix Farmers Cheese, Young's Cheddar Cheese, Frank's Hot Sauce, garlic powder & a touch of green onion.

Burger Box (Bulk Ground Beef)

10 lbs of Angus ground beef in our signature box! Convenient 1 lb. bulk packages.

Burger in a Bag (Bulk Ground Beef)

20 lbs. Angus ground beef in a FREE insulated Woodruff cooler bag!

Burger Patty Bundle - (40) 1/3 lb. Patties

Ten 4 pack packages of Angus Ground Beef 1/3 lb. Patties!

Chop House Steak Sauce (Net Wt. 11.7 oz.)

This rich, bold sauce is intensely flavored with onions and black pepper making it a savory topper for any meat.

Conrad Raw Local Honey (2 lb.)

Pure, natural, unprocessed raw honey

Conrad Raw Local Honey (8 oz.)

Pure, natural, unprocessed raw honey

D. B. Yummers Mildly Spicey BBQ Sauce

A slightly spicier and less sweet version of the original Sweet & Smokey BBQ Sauce.

D. B. Yummers Original Sweet & Smokey BBQ Sauce

A sweet and tangy sauce with a smokey tomato ketchup base and sweetness from brown sugar. Just the right amount of garlic, onion and spices!

D.B. Yummers Island BBQ Sauce

A taste of the tropics! This sauce combines their original BBQ Sauce with crushed pineapple and a blend of spices.

Farmers Cheddar Bacon Ranch Spread (6 oz.)

Savory, cheesy and packed with ranch and bacon flavor. The perfect party snack for veggies and chips.

Farmers Cheese (6 oz.)

A soft, spreadable creamy cheese. Makes the best cheesecake! Top with Mad Sweet Heat and serve with crackers. Spread on a bagel or muffin. Whip up a cream cheese frosting!

Farmers Sweet Heat Cheese Spread (6 oz.)

Yummy goodness! Spicy sweet, creamy and spreadable. Our Farmers Cheese and Mad Sweet Heat Candied Jalapeño Relish come together. Our version of pimento cheese spread.

Fat Hen Farm Eggs (1 dozen)

Farm fresh eggs from hens that are pasture-raised and free to roam. These eggs have a vibrant yolk!

Foodie Bob's Sweet Heat Mustard Sauce

A sweet mustard sauce with more of a kick. Use as a glaze or marinade. Top hot dogs or burgers. Brush on chicken wings or grilled vegetables!

Foodie Bob's Sweet Love Mustard Sauce

A sweet mustard sauce with a little sass. Use as a glaze or marinade. Tasty dip for pretzels or chips or spread on a sandwich.

Garlic & Herb Farmers Cheese (6 oz.)

The perfect blend of garlic and savory herbs like parsley, rosemary and thyme mixed with our creamy Farmers cheese.

Ghost Malone Beef Jerky

Tremendous flavor with a surplus of flame. Made with real Ghost Chili Peppers that clock in at just over 1 Million on the Scoville scale. You'll be able to taste AND feel this extraordinary experience. Shoutout Posty!

Ground Pork (Bulk - 2 lb.)

A combination of lean pork and trimmings. Perfect for stir fry, meatballs, chili, cabbage rolls & more!

Hemisphere Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee (12 oz. bag)

A smooth medium roast that is good anytime of the day.

Hemisphere Burg Blend Ground Coffee (12 oz. bag)

A local favorite! A medium dark roast that's mild but full bodied.

Hemisphere Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee (12 Single Cup Pods)

A customer favorite of creamy caramel vanilla with a Jamaican rum flavor.

Hemisphere Variety Pack Coffee (12 Single Cup Pods)

Breakfast Blend, Java Blues, Jamaican Me Crazy & Nicaragua

Horseradish Sauce & Spread (Net Wt. 10.6 oz.)

A smooth and creamy sauce with intense horseradish flavor! Excellent condiment for sandwiches or pair with Woodruff's beef.

Hot Pepper Peach Fruit Spread (Net Wt. 12.4 oz.)

Unforgettable Flavor: Sweet peaches come together with a jolt of heat from crushed red peppers.

Hot Pepper Raspberry Fruit Spread (Net Wt. 12.7 oz.)

Sweet sun-ripened raspberries and spicy red chile peppers make for an intensely flavorful fruit spread with just the right amount of heat

Jalapeño Beef Jerky

A flavor profile attempted by many but achieved by few. With tasty hints of real jalapeños and a bit of heat to follow, this is one you can't resist! The perfect ratio of juicy flavor and flame in every bite!

Maple Sausage (Bulk - 1 lb. pkg.)

Our sweet maple ground sausage is seasoned just right. Full of flavor with no MSG!

Maple Sausage Patties (4 - 4 oz. patties)

Our sweet maple sausage patties are seasoned just right. Full of flavor with no MSG!

Original Beef Jerky

Play it safe with Beef Coast Original. Plenty of flavor and far from boring. You can't go wrong with this Premium Beef Jerky!

Pepper Garlic Beef Jerky

A savory mixture of Garlic and Black Peppercorns. This delicious flavor duo will have you finishing the whole bag in one sitting. Don't want to share? We understand.

Picnic Pork Shoulder Roast (1/pkg)

Excellent cut of pork for tasty pulled pork. Slow cook or smoke for amazing flavor!
$2.49/lb. Avg. 3.5lb .

Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila Sauce (Net Wt. 12.1 oz.)

Unforgettable flavor: A taste of the tropics in a bottle. This Caribbean-Inspired sauce features citrus and creamy coconut with just a hint of tequila.

Pork Chops - Bone In (4/pkg)

This lean, mild-flavored, and ultra-versatile cut of meat comes from the pork loin.
$7.25/lb. Avg. 2.5lb .

Pork Chops - Boneless (4/pkg)

This lean, mild-flavored, and ultra-versatile cut of meat comes from the pork loin.
$7.49/lb. Avg. 1.9lb .

Pork Loin - Boneless (1/pkg)

Deliciously tender with a mild flavor that's easy to prepare!
$7.49/lb. Avg. 3.5lb .

Pork Neck Bones (1/pkg)

Simmer for hours to give flavor to broth, soups and sauces.
$2.19/lb. Avg. 1lb .

Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip (Net Wt. 13.2 oz.)

Sweet honey and tangy mustard combine with the flavor of raspberries for a truly distinctive taste. Perfect dip for salty pretzels or spread on a sandwich!

Raspberry Salsa (Net Wt. 11.3 oz.)

A simply good salsa made from plump tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and sweet, sun-ripened raspberries. A little heat with a sweet tang!

Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce (Net Wt. 12.7 oz.)

A flavorful sauce made with roasted vegetables and pineapple, a hint of passionate mango and a spicy kick from habanero peppers.

Smoked Bone-In Ham (Half)

A hickory smoked bone-in ham with amazing flavor. Fully cooked, just heat and eat!
$2.50/lb. Avg. 6lb .