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Sale Angus Tenderloin Filet (2/pkg)
Angus Tenderloin Filet (2/pkg)
The most tender steaks, lean yet succulent, with a fine, buttery texture
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Sale Angus T-Bone Steaks (2/pkg)
Angus T-Bone Steaks (2/pkg)
Flavorful and tender lean steaks that are ready to be broiled or grilled
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Sale Angus Strip Steaks (2/pkg)
Angus Strip Steaks (2/pkg)
Tender, lean steaks that are perfect for grilling
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It was the best meat I’ve had my entire life. So tender. Best ribeye!
Jane Dickson - Dublin, OH
Just wanted you to know that I finally cooked up the tenderloin steak we ordered and it was fantastic!!! Truly delicious! The quality was superb. I have no doubt we will have future orders.
Lori Kelley - Bellefontaine, OH
I am thrilled to offer Woodruff Beef on our FoodSmiths menus (and from my home kitchen too). I continue to be impressed with the flavor and lean cuts. The flank steak is my favorite to simply dry rub for a couple of hours and then throw on the grill; after letting it rest, simply slice it thin and enjoy. Their ground beef is our other go- to, and it comes in easy to use one-pound packages that make it convenient to pull exactly what we need.
The Foodsmiths Catering - Dublin, OH